Enforcing pull request workflow and green CI status of PRs on Flathub repositories

27 Sep 2022

This blog post was originally posted on Flathub Discourse. Re-posting it here for these sweet sweet fake Internet points publicity.

Starting from 2022-10-04, we’re going to tighten the branch protection settings by disabling direct pushes to protected branches (i.e. master, beta, and the ones starting with branch/) and requiring status checks to pass. This means that all changes will need to go through a regular pull request workflow and require the build tests to pass (i.e. that they be green) on Buildbot before being merged.

As part of this change, we’re introducing two new checks as well. Manifests will be linted with flatpak-builder-lint to ensure compliance with best practices we suggest doing the initial review phase. If your app should be exempted from specific linter rules, please open an issue with an explanation why.

Additionally, if a manifest contains a stanza for flatpak-external-data-checker, it will be validated to ensure update detection works correctly.